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The team
Ove Andersen
Brief: Is our economy expert. He has more than 32 years of experience in financing, accounting and international investment practices. Experience: Ove provides expert knowledge on finance management, investment, internal auditing and corporate structure. He ensure that all aspects of financing are covered in our customer's change projects and makes sure that all accounts balance. Contact:
E-mail: oa@capahouse.com
Phone: +45 30 11 87 50
Jesper Høegh
Brief: Is our qualitative insight specialist. With more than 25 years of experience in Capacent, KPMG and The Danish Institute of Technology he has deep insight into public and private organizational development. Experience: Jesper provides deep insight and investigations in organizational process, structures and human behavior as well as corporate strategy and project management. Jesper ensures that fact and real insight guides our customers. Contact:
E-mail: jh@capahouse.com
Phone: +45 42 42 21 00
Ulrikke Olufsen
Brief: Is our HR strategy and HR operations specialist. She has a strong background within the pharma end engineering industry counseling executives and leaders. Experience: Ulrikke provides expert knowledge on talent management, HR strategy and employee development for our customers and ensures that HR strategy and processes are changing along with the organizational change we help our customers with. Contact:
E-mail: ulo@capahouse.com
Phone: +45 22 54 04 70
Bjarne Kastberg
Brief: Is our CEO as well as our value based leadership expert. Bjarne has 24 years of experience as an international coach, author, speaker and management consultant. Experience: Bjarne provides expert knowledge on the training of leaders in principals of value based management, leader identity and how to develop and maintain value based organizations ensuring real organizational change for our customers. Contact:
E-mail: bk@capahouse.com
Phone: +45 40 35 35 75
Jørgen Prip
Brief: Is our exellence in strategic and organizational change from many years experience teaching and project supervising masters’ students at universities concerning analyses of strategic and organizational problems in a large number of companies. Experience: Jørgen provides expert knowledge in leadership and project management and helps companies in analyzing strategic and organizational problems, as well as developing solutions for implementation Contact:
E-mail: jp@capahouse.com
Phone: +45 21 34 96 72
About us The back bone of CapaHouse is a true Nordic leadership style with a high degree of interdependance and trust. CapaHouse is founded on the concept of participative management. The most important quality for us is to obtain results in cooperation with our customers. We are adaptable to local cultures and needs, as our strength is a natural empathy which quickly builds up high levels of trust. Our thinking is characterized by an integrated approach to problem solving across functions, units and the whole value chain. We work in three steps: “Insight”, “Solutions” and “Change” and we create end-to-end solutions across focus areas in cooperation with management. Our goal is to create value by accelerating the creation of results in the company. Our approach is characterized by listening, observing and asking questions. We are motivated by a strong curiosity within our field and the trends that surround us. We are a workplace where people thrive and grow leading to profound job satisfaction, personal development and a high professional competence. Our consultants have senior- and management experience from different national and international companies such as Capacent, Eli Lilly, PA Consulting, Ramboll, KPMG, Accenture etc.
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