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Dare to kiss the frog? Finn Van Hauen & Bjarne Kasteberg
The focus on the book is on how managers can create alignment between daily work and the organization's purpose, values and strategies. It also deals with how the renewal of culture can bring a willingness to change, adaptability, renewal, motivation and enthusiasm in the company. It is easy to recognize an experienced woodworker compared to the inexperienced. When woodworkers are emptying the logging in the rivers, there is a chance it piles together and creates a plug. The novice will solve the problem by entering the river and begin to move one timber after another, until the plug dissolves. It is an exhausting and often fruitless work.
The experienced lumberjack on the other hand, climbs up a tree to find the ex-act piece of timber, which is causing the plug. Only then, he will enter the river, then pull the one or two pieces of timber out, located in the path of the other and release the plug, so the flow of strains can flow again. The ideas and thoughts on value based management, which are presented in this book, will show you how you "climb the tree" so you can stay organized and a full understanding. Subsequently to "get down to the river", the book ensures that you get practical suggestions on what it takes to create success in business.
Good coaching - the manager as coach Finn Van Hauen & Bjarne Kasteberg
Written in a clear and accessible language, Good Coaching – the manager as coach, is full of useful coaching models, ready to use in practice. It is this well-structured script for the practitioner. Good coaching – the Manager as Coach combines a highly effective approach on how the theoretical foundations of coaching with the practice is per-formed. The book is using a pragmatic approach on how the manager can use effective coaching to realize the full potential of the staff.
The Learning Organisation” – The ability to create a unified change Finn Van Hauen & Bjarne Kasteberg
The managing principles in “The learning organization” received worldwide praises and acclaim in the 90’s. We have written an updated book on the subject, in Danish, from a Danish perspective. The book illustrates a new attitude towards management, as well as how to evoke human resources in a dynamic environment. The book also present its take on the necessities to create a learning environment, along with a plan for a successful implementation.
The Collaborative Human – Team building for The learning Organization Finn Van Hauen & Bjarne Kasteberg
Reading this book, you will learn aspects on how to create a team based organisation, all the way from collaborative teamwork in projects, to autonomous groups. The book contains a long list of useful tips and exercises on how to form high performing teams.
Class-activities I + II & Teambuilding activities Finn Van Hauen & Bjarne Kasteberg
These three books on different effective activities, useful to trainers in teaching environments. These includes a wide spectrum from pure energy boosting activity exercises to large-scale exercises, all presented with a well-defined learning objective. Every aspects in the exercises, are thoroughly explained, by a step-by-step guide in the preparation phase, as well as post treatment phase.
You and your hidden resources Finn Van Hauen & Bjarne Kasteberg
The content for “You and your undisclosed resource”, was written with a teaching purpose for person development courses. It is an easy to read book, filled with tons of funny drawings and challenging and useful exercises, which captivates the reader in the learning process.
The Learning Organization in Practice Finn Van Hauen & Bjarne Kasteberg
The nine chapter in this book includes examples of organizations, which have worked and implemented the “Learning Organization”. Furthermore, the book contains a theoretical chapter and an easy-to use-and understand model on how to diagnose a learning organization. Not, but not least, the book includes a suggestion section on successful implementation of the learning organization practice.
Values at work Finn Van Hauen & Bjarne Kasteberg
”Values at work” deals with the concept ”Value Based Management”. The book introduces a model, which explains how to understand the value based personnel and organization control and the benefits from it. “Values at Work” gives numerous amusing examples of unsuccessful correlation between values and action. It also produces a detailed approach on how to successfully, introduce value based management.
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